Recommended Further Reading

To illustrate the benefits of clean water for livestock we have put together for your reference a list of recommended further reading. All these articles and publications can be found via way of internet search. In addition direct click-able links are within the list below. 

1. off site water – how does it influence cattle perfermance, pasture distribution, and water quality

Source: D.W Bohnert. Eastern Oregin Agricultural Research Center, Oregon State University, Burns, OR 97720

Note: Available on the Oregon State University website 

2. The effect of water quailty on cattle performance on pasture.

Source: H. A. Lardner A D, B. D. Kirychuk B, L. Braul B, W. D. Willms C, J. Yarotski B 

A Western Beef Development Centre, PO Box 1150, Humboldt, Saskatchewan, S0K 2A0, Canada. 
B Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration, 1800 Hamilton Street, Regina, Saskatchewan, S4P 4L2, Canada. 
C Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, PO Box 3000, Lethbridge, Alberta, T1J 4B1, Canada. 
D Corresponding author. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Note: Available on the CSIRO publishing website (Australian Journal of Agricultral Research). 


Source: Queensland Murray Darling Committee

4. water quality critical for livestock

Source: Department of Agriculture and Food

5. Livestock water supplies

Source: Government of South Australia Primary Industries and Resources SA

6. stock perform better when drinking from troughs

Source:  Department of Environment and Primary Industries

7. drinking water quality for beef cattle

Source:  By Gene Surber, Kent Williams, and Mark Manoukian

Note: Available on the Montana State University website 

8. Livestock and water

Source:  By Stephen Boyles Ohio State University Extension Beef Specialist

Note: Available on the Ohio State University website

9. drinking water quality guidelines for cattle

Source:  By F. Higgins, Carmen T. Agouridis, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, and Amanda A. Gumber, Agricultural programs

Note: Available on the University of Kentucky website 


*We are by no means endorsing these articles however a determination can be made that clean water  has benefits to the health and ultimate weight gain of livestock. Many more articles can be found on this topic by way on internet search. Further search direction for more articles can be offered upon request.