About us

Billabong Water Treatment Plants is an Australian family owned company that has developed better ways in providing clear, clean drinkable water for livestock that results in healthier appetites, increased weight and ultimately better returns.

Why Billabong Water?

Billabong Water Treatment Plants have been developed with the farming and rural industries in mind. The water treatment plants are small batch plants for homestead use, or continuous running plants for stock water, the plants are economical to run, drawing on and treating a property’s raw contaminated water and turning it into cool, clean pathogen free drinking water.

Many studies have shown a pathogen free water will produce a 20 to 28% weight gain in adolescent stock per annum, in lieu of stock drinking contaminated raw waters. Pathogen affected water is caused by the presence of faeces in the drinking water sources. Removing pathogens and fine solids in your property’s water source (be it dam, river, creek or bore) is just what the Billabong Water Treatment Plants can do, resulting in healthier livestock, increasing appetites and producing better weight gains. This results in healthy livestock and a far better farm ROI.









About The Founder

Owner and Managing Director, John Bradley, has owned manufacturing businesses since 1969. Over the past 14 years John has been engaged in the manufacture of flocculating coagulants that facilitate the production of clean town drinking water in rural municipal communities. The development of Billabong Water Treatment Plants is an extension of his extensive experience in the water industry.

an easy to manage system

Water is drawn from a property’s water source be it dam, stream or bore by pump. It is then processed through a water treatment plant being dosed with a specifically designed coagulant to produce a very clear and clean pathogen free water. The clean drinking water can then be pumped to elevated storage for distribution to troughs. A patent has been applied for when using IBC’s as the process tanks in the Billabong Water Treatment Plant.

Benefits to you

Billabong Water Treatment Plants provide an economical, portable and easily manageable solution to the ever present problem of providing clean drinking water for livestock. The basic plant runs at 1,000 - 4,000 litres per hour powered by a small diesel or petrol powered genset. This plant can be increased up to fourfold (to 16,000 litres per hour) in capacity to suit grazing or feed lot needs.

Billabong Water Treatment Plants Help Increase Weight in Livestock

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